Tools set for Scubapro AIR-2

Tools set for Scubapro AIR-2

SKU: 3000-SST-013

Multi toolset for the service of the Scubapro AIR-2 and Tusa Duo-AIR regulators.


This tool will open the round exhaust valve cover of the side of the Scubapro AIR-2 (2nd, 3rd, 4rd, and 5th generation) but also from the Tusa duo-AIR regulator the other side of the tool is used to assemble and disassemble the poppet lever assembly in the air barrel. Also in the set is the 3/16” extra long hex key used to adjust the orifice on some AIR-2 models.

There are two more tools to open and close the big and small covers on the AIR-2 (4th and 5th gen).


In this toolset:

  • Bullet for installing O-rings on the air barrel
  • A 3/16 inch extra long hex key
  • Tool for removing and installing the cover ring
  • Tool for removing and installing the exhaust cover and the inflator plug
  • Tool for installing the O-ring on the inflator button stem
  • Tool for removing and installing spider exhaust