Professional test bench

Professional test bench

SKU: 7000-SST-004

When servicing dive gear is your profession this test bench is your buddy, it is equipped with an inhalation /exhalation Magnehelic meter, a big intermediate pressure gauge with inflator hose connection. This test bench can be connected to a supply pressure of 330BAR/4800PSI witch can be reduced by a pressure regulator to your working pressure.


This testing device is equipped with:

  • An analog Dwyer Magnehelic meter which is used to measure the cracking or inhalation effort.
  • Supply pressure gauge.
  • Working pressure gauge.
  • Regulator for adjusting W.P.
  • Large middle-pressure gauge.
  • Test bench Magnehelic adapter.
  • Inflator hose coupler.


This test bench needs to be connected to an air-supply, to do so you can order the Professional test bench connection kit, available as an extra option in our shop.


All manometers are high quality, reliable German Wika gauges with BAR and PSI reading.