Lever height setting tool for Apeks TX20, TX40 and TX50

Lever height setting tool for Apeks TX20, TX40, and TX50

SKU: 1000-SST-022

Used to verify the lever height during the final set-up of Apeks TX 20, 40 and, 50-second stages.


After connecting the second stage to the inline 2nd stage adjustment tool and putting pressure on it place both sides of the tool on the purge button and press on it.

Begin with the shorter side (this side of the tool has no ring), you will hear no flow.

In case you hear a flow, the lever height is set too high. When all is fine and there is no flow to be heard you can try to put the other side on the purge button, now a flow should be present.


It's important to keep the tool straight against the rim of the purge button.