inline 2nd stage adjustment tool with IP gauge

inline 2nd stage adjustment tool with IP gauge

SKU: 1800-SST-052

This specialized tool connects in-line between the 2nd stage regulator and the LP hose, allowing adjustments while the hose is pressurized.

Using the included pressure gauge the intermediate pressure (IP) of the first stage is adjusted if necessary.


Then a flat blade or hex key (you must have configured the tool for one or the other before pressurizing) can be inserted into the 2nd stage to allow the orifice to be turned to find exactly the proper adjustment for the 2nd stage air inlet.


This dual tool has a 0.032-inch flat screwdriver like adjusting tip, which fits most slotted regulator orifices and also a 5mm hex key adjusting tip (just reverse the tool).


We use this tool in our own service department and our service tech tells us the quality is excellent. works with nearly all modern design regulators.


Brands and their orifice connections:

  • Aeris - slotted
  • Apeks - slotted hex in some models
  • Aqualung - slotted hex in some older models
  • Atomic - slotted
  • Beuchat - slotted
  • Cressi - slotted
  • Dive Rite - slotted
  • Hollis - slotted
  • Maris - hex
  • Oceanic - slotted
  • Scubapro - slotted
  • Sherwood - slotted
  • Sub Gear/Seamann sub - slotted
  • XS Scuba - slotted