Poseidon tools starter-kit

Poseidon tools starter-kit

SKU: 1800-SST-048

Poseidon tools starter kit


This starter kit consists of 9 tools and is the ideal kit to start service on Poseidon scuba gear.

In addition to this set, we advise having a look at our universal scuba tools.


Tools in this set are made from Acetal/Brass/Stainless steel and Aluminum.


This complete set is 15% cheaper than buying all Poseidon tools as separate items.


Tools list:

  • Poseidon Jetstream first stage toolset
  • Poseidon first stage socket
  • Poseidon Jetstream and Xstream valve housing tool
  • Poseidon valve seat tool for Cyklon first stage
  • Poseidon Cyklon 300 locking nut screw tool
  • Poseidon Jetstream and Xstream valve housing O-ring installation tool


A detailed description of every individual item can be found on the

Poseidon specialised tools page.


When setting up the lever hight of the regulator we advise using an in-line adjustment tool.

More information on our 2nd stage in-line adjusting tool with IP gauge can be found on our instruments page.