"High pressure swivel tool" indispensable and only € 4

Most of us have already seen it one or more times with our own regulator set or with that of our buddy, during a dive there are small bubbles coming out of the console or pressure gauge connection.

The solution lies in a small but fine tool, our "High pressure swivel tool". Our opinion is that every diver should have this piece of equipment in his scuba bag.

To be able to move your pressure gauge or console during a dive when it is pressurized it's necessary to put a "high pressure swivel" between the hose connector and the pressure gauge connection.

These "high pressure swivel" are small hollow metal rods with a small O-ring on each side.

The small O-rings on both sides of the High pressure swivel are the same as dive computers they always stop working just before your dive.

How use the tool

Replacing a broken or slightly leaking swivel O-ring is child's play when you use the Scuba Service Tools "high pressure swivel tool".

  • Unscrew the high pressure hose from the pressure gauge or console.

  • The swivel will get caught in one of the two and can be easily removed by hand.

  • Remove both O-rings from the swivel (if there is only 1 O-ring on it, the old broken O-ring may still be in the hose opening or pressure gauge opening.

  • Now put the swivel in the tool and slowly press the two new O-rings on it with your thumb.

  • Replace both O-rings not only the broken one.

  • Grease everything and put it back together again and you can start your dive carefree.

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