O-ring sets and tools

Having the right O-ring makes all the difference.

Many items of scuba diving equipment contain rubber O-rings that perish, dry out and develop cracks as time goes by. Even if the dive gear is not used, once it is a few years old, all the O-rings will need replacing. At Scuba Service Tools we do not only offer scuba tools for O-rings but also the actual O-rings.

O-ring Sets and O-ring tools

In search of the correct O-rings for your scuba gear just have a look at our exploded drawings and use the part numbers of the manufacturers to find the O-rings you need. www.scubaservicemanuals.com

A list of all O-rings we sell can be found in our catalogue that is available for download on the bottom of this page.

When putting together our tool kits we have taken diving centers in mind and have ensured that the selection of tools are those they use most often in the daily service of scuba equipment.


As your needs grow, you can easily upgrade your kit to suit your demands and other regulators.


All our tool kits have a standard 15% discount compared to buying all tools separate.

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